By: Russell Schindler


At UNTUCKit, we aim to foster growth, leadership, and equality in the workplace. We’re also committed to celebrating the strong, diverse women who play such an integral role in our success as a company. More than 55% of our corporate team and more than half of our managers are female.

In honor of Happy International Women’s Day, we want to shine a special light on four of the women driving our growth and asking them for their best piece of advice. Here’s what they had to say.

Angela, Senior Director of CRM


“My career in retail began in 2010. I’ve always had a passion for fashion and marketing, and found my calling with CRM (Customer Relationship Management)! During my tenure at UNTUCKit, I have been fortunate to help build our CRM platform and lead a high performing team here.

I’ve found that passion often leads to success and I try to set that example for my team. I challenge them to maintain a growth mindset and be open to learning something new every day. I want to push them to take on new challenges and be open to constructive criticism without taking it personally. It’s important to take those points of criticism and apply them to your daily life.

There will be some missteps along the way, but you can’t grow until you step out of your comfort zone. Growth is about learning from your mistakes and recognizing that every challenge is an opportunity to learn.

And finally, it’s important to understand that your skills are always transferrable. What you learn in one job will help you in another.” 

Devon, Photo Art Director


“I started my career working in editorial going back and forth between men’s and women’s magazines, and I was excited to go to a brand. What appealed to me about UNTUCKit was the ability to create brand visuals for both men’s and women’s products that each have an independent aesthetic and identity.

Working on confidence is one of the most difficult things for women. Society expects women to be apologetic, and it's a tough pattern to break. I challenge my team to articulate their creative decisions and be thoughtful about them. It strengthens our aesthetic as a whole and is a valuable skill in confidence and communication.

One of my first mentors once told me that when you get stuck creatively or have creative block, try something new. Walk a different way to work, take a different train line, see new people, new places, or new construction. Just changing up your scenery is enough to keep your creativity going.”

Valentina, Director of Production


“I’ve worked in production for over 20 years managing men’s tailored clothing, sportswear and outerwear. I joined UNTUCKit two years ago and saw this as an opportunity to bring my experience to a young, exciting company.

Working in this industry allows me to meet people with very different experiences, backgrounds, and stories. The people you meet in the early stages of your career can be extremely influential and play a key role in who you become.

I’ve always lived by the idea that when you put in the work, others will take notice. Take initiative, speak up when you have something to say. Because UNTUCKit is such a warm and welcoming place, every voice is heard and appreciated.”

Rhonda, Director of Digital Marketing


“I remember taking a digital marketing class and it really struck a chord with me. After working in the space for a few years, I came to UNTUCKit to join the digital marketing team.

Through my experiences, I’ve learned to never tell yourself you can’t do something or feel pigeonholed in your career. Four months into working at UNTUCKit, my boss left. The opportunity presented itself where I could either push for a new boss or take new responsibilities on my own.

When you see a hole that needs to be filled, you should go for it. Ultimately, not having a boss was the best thing that happened to my career. I stepped up to the challenge it proved to me that I could accomplish anything.”